The epicentre of our Project is you, our Suppliers. You are fundamental to every aspect of our Project from early development through to decommissioning.  We are keen to hear not only about your existing capabilities, but also about your future aspirations and how within this Project we can work collaboratively to support you achieving these.

We invite you to register your interest and future ambitions within the Supplier Collaboration Questionnaire section of this Supplier Collaboration Portal. The Supplier Collaboration Questionnaire will allow us to gain an initial understanding of your expertise and your ability to support our Project now or in the future and enable the development of pivotal relationships across the Supply Chain. Whilst it may not be possible for us to speak with all Suppliers, we will ensure that we have reviewed your expertise and considered all options including your contribution of services and/or materials you can offer to our Joint Venture Partnership. At the earliest opportunity, we will arrange direct meetings to explore opportunities with Suppliers who keen to work together to identify unique and innovative solutions to support this project and beyond. 

We invite you also to join any relevant webinars/events we are participating in the near future to enable you an insight into our ambitions for this Project. We are particularly interested in hearing from Suppliers who can support local content and sustainability, as we look to increase socio-economic benefit of the nation and local communities surrounding this site.


We are seeking creativity, innovation and collaboration. Your ideas, your entrepreneurial spirit and desire to progress research or support technological development for offshore wind are embraced. We are interested in research you are undertaking or intend to undertake and receptive to suggestions where we could potentially work together. Furthermore, we are enthused to hear about your technological plans and developments that could create new and unique opportunities for Norway and the global offshore wind industry overall.

We want to work with you to support your plans and future ambitions and create collaborative partnerships to facilitate unique and innovative growth opportunities. We also welcome Suppliers who are willing to work with other Suppliers/organisations to develop a catalyst for brilliance. If you are interested, please provide the required information in our Supplier Collaboration Questionnaire.


We are keen to meet you and hear more about your business, future ambitions and how you can support Sørlige Nordsjø II. In addition to any direct meetings that we may have with you, we are participating in and hosting various events & webinars in the coming months and these are detailed below, to allow you to join us.

Supplier Events & Conferences

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Our partnership´s global expertise seek local Norwegian minds to further drive this large-scale Project. Local content is imperative to ensure we explore the best opportunities for this Project that will also positively impact the socio-economy of Norway and local communities. We look to collectively work with you to create a united goal and progress this Project to be recognised as a flagship for offshore wind, opening global doors for all involved. Please complete our Supplier Collaboration Questionnaire to highlight your experience in Norway or your ability to subcontract or partner with local Norwegian Suppliers.


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