Ready to make history with you – once again

The next era in Norwegian industry

Sørlige Nordsjø II is a fantastic opportunity to use our skills and resources to take a leading position in a global offshore wind industry. By using everything we have learned from solving seemingly impossible challenges offshore, combined with our digital capabilities and sustainable approach, we will help build a new industry, create jobs and produce more green energy.

Let’s make it right from the start!

For Norway, Sørlige Nordsjø II will be a pioneering project. Located in deep waters offshore, it provides opportunities for innovation and new solutions that can strengthen the international competitiveness of Norwegian industry. In addition to responsible development, we as engineers and innovators want to set a completely new standard for both technology and sustainability. By protecting and restoring biodiversity, we can co-exist and thrive with our neighbors and establish a robust path for large-scale Norwegian investment in offshore wind. When we raise the bar a little higher at home, we will have even more to offer a global market.

Together, we’ve created history – now we are ready to do it again

Through 180 years, we have created tens of thousands of Norwegian jobs. For over 100 years, we have been producing green, renewable energy for Norwegian homes and businesses. And in the last 50, we have solved some of the world’s most difficult engineering projects in the North Sea. We want to start a new era for Norwegian industry. We know we can succeed in collaboration with Norwegian suppliers and knowledge environments, as we have created history before.